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Eder Furniture

Eder Furniture Shpk is an enterprise as a result of many years of tradition in the field of furniture and furniture production. With 55 years of experience, Eder Furniture continues to maintain the tradition and quality of production while staying on top of the quality of work. 

The result of 55 years of work, brings today to Eder Furniture a large list of services and products that get produced in record time, with an exceptional quality thus fulfilling every expectation and request from our clients.



Starting from the 70s with primitive tools and simple work, today Eder Furniture has acquired advanced and professional technological machinery in furniture production field. 



that we lead the market
of furniture production
in Albania

What we do?

Eder Furniture handles furniture production, interior design, furnishing, kitchen and door productions, hotels and more.

Our Projects

Take a look at our work during all these years with Albanian and foreign clients. We are ready to start our next project with you.

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